This week brings us here in the Treasure Valley to an entire year of navigating COVID-19 together. You may recall as the news showed the spread of the virus, Idaho was one of the very last states to see a positive case. As many major cities, events, and sports leagues had began to shut down already, it was a only a matter of time before we felt that here in Boise, as well.

For us here at 103.5 KISS FM, it meant no big events, no Boise Music Festival, no major concerts--we don't have to tell you that it really sucked. It meant no fun for us--but what did it mean for the State of Idaho? Probably more than you would have initially imagined.

Some research put together by "50 States of Music" outlines just how much the music scene contributes to each of the 50 states. Here in Idaho, $282.4 million comes into the State of Idaho GDP from the music industry alone. No concerts means that isn't coming in, obviously.

The figures are pretty fascinating.  The survey calls Idaho a "bastion" for local musicians and says:

Each year, the University of Idaho hosts musicians from across the globe during the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival, as does Boise State with the Gene Harris Jazz Festival. The Treefort Music Fest and Boise Music Festival draw crowds with popular local acts and world-renowned headliners from a range of genres, including fock, indie-rock, country and pop.


What about the other figures highlighted?

  • 6,940 jobs are supported by the music industry
  • 1,004 music establishments are here in the State of Idaho
  • There are 303 royalty recipients
  • There are 2,580 ASCAP/BMI/GMR and SESAC songwriters in the state


Notable Idaho artists mentioned by the survey include: Built to Spill, Doug Martsch, and Thom Pace.

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