I'm not much of a conspiracy theory fan but from time to time you see certain things and all of a sudden you're putting two and two together and getting four. Let me say again I'm not waving any flags BUT this is interesting and caused my creative mind to wonder.

Yesterday Mateo and I we're having a meeting with a potential business partner when the conversation turned to COVID-19. He proceeded to tell us about his sister who lives in Singapore where they have very strict COVID curfews. Recently she left her house to get something at the convenience store located two blocks away and was immediately picked up and escorted back to her apartment. She was told that it was the COVID tracker on her phone that gave her away. Is it a coincidence that our phones were acting up the other day and now all of a sudden if you go to settings, privacy, health - you will see something new called COVID-19 Exposure Logging. What exactly is this ? as opposed to what they're telling us it is? Big brother?

Like I said, I'm not much of a conspiracy theory fan but, it makes me wonder... What is really going on ?

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