As a child I would get excited about a lot of things. It seemed there wasn't a day where something didn't peak my interest so much that I couldn't wait to experience it. A new toy, a new place, a new song, there was always something to be excited about. Unfortunately as we become adults our hearts tend to harden and we're not excited about as many things as we we're during our childhood. Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed beyond measure and I'm very happy but sometimes we all need an instant smile and there are three things that will guarantee a smile on my face... Family ( I'm super close to my siblings) , Cool Cars ( I own seven of them) and my favorite breakfast spot - Waffle Me Up.

Waffle Me Up serves the MOST amazing waffles I have ever tasted in my life. The Chef Hector and his family started at the farmers market with a pop up tent in 2012 and four years later on August 20th they teamed up with Boise Fry Co. and opened up their first brick and mortar at 204 N. Capitol blvd. The first week of March they will be opening their second location. Meridian consider yourself lucky, the mouth watering waffles are coming to the corner of Chinden and Linder and they will be open from 7a-9pm. I could write a novel on my favorite waffles made by Hector and the great staff at Waffle Me up but I'm just gonna share this with you instead... After eating at Waffle me up, I've never eaten a waffle anywhere in the world! Check out their IG @wafflemeupboise and then do as Hector likes to say... Eat. Smile. Repeat

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