The Golden Globes were last night and honestly did not disappoint. The show was filled with amazing speeches, great hosts, female empowerment and incredible looks.

These are my fave moments of the night:

Regina King used her time on stage to address women's roles in Hollywood and the workplace in general. She made a vow that the "in the next two years, everything I produce will be 50 percent women. I challenge anyone out there who is in a position of power, in all industries, I challenge you to challenge yourself to do the same."

Go girl.


Lady Gaga won a GG for best original song with "Shallow" from A Star Is Born. She was so gracious and spoke the highest praises of the co-writers and her co-star/film producer Bradley Cooper. I love seeing someone who has been so successful for so long, still excited and not jaded.


The woman serving FIJI water to stars really was serving looks at the same time. She managed to nail the perfect face in the background of many high profile pics. Could FIJI girl be the first meme of 2019?!


Taylor Swift looked so freaking good, I had to Facetime my best friend to show her the dress Tay rocked. We were both shocked. She's so elegant! Idris Elba wasn't so bad himself.


Another huge speech: Glenn Close. Watch her tackle the stigma attached to women having to put their families before themselves and their own happiness. Powerful.

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