As a new(ish) resident to Boise and Idaho in general, everyone has been telling me I have to get to BSU to "see the blue". Now, I didn't go to a university *shout out to my fellow community college grads* so I've never been a big college football fan. The Seahawks are the big thing in Seattle so I'm more used to watching NFL games. I didn't know that "the blue" is a big deal! Boise State is the only school with blue turf!

My friend Madalyn was in town visiting from Seattle over the weekend, and BSU was playing at home so it was the perfect opportunity to go check it out. There's a sales guy here at KISS who is notorious for throwing big tailgates before the games, so we peeped is set up and took in the whole vibe before the game.

Once we got inside, we were FREEZING. Everyone told me to bundle up, but I only wore a hoody with a jean jacket. Not enough. Not nearly enough. Thankfully my new lavender wig courtesy of the 50% off post-Halloween sales at Spirit kept me insulated under my beanie.

The game was PACKED! A lot of fans came out to see BYU but it was mostly blue and orange in the crowd. Such a fun vibe, and luckily we were able to come out with a win. It was down to the wire though and lowkey stressful.

I may or may not have watched the win at the end from Fatty's because I left in the 4th quarter and Ubered downtown since we were so cold. Either way, my first BSU game was dope. Can't wait for more!

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