Concerts have been a huge part of my life in Seattle, so one of my biggest fears coming to Boise was that I wouldn't have enough big concerts to keep me sane.

I'm quickly learning that won't be a problem, as week one here I'm seeing Nelly, Ginuwine and Keith Sweat (who I've been meaning to see in Seattle at EQC for literal years).

Nelly last night at the Revolution was SO FUN! Did I say that right? Is it "The Revolution" or just "Revolution"? I don't want to sound like a transplant, even though I am.

I even had a friend to go with! That was my other biggest fear- not having any friends here! As a lifer in Seattle, everything and everyone I know is in the PNW. But look at me, hanging out with peeps week one!

My life in Boise is off to a great start. So excited for this chapter in life! Thanks, Nelly, for being my first Boise show. It's getting hot in herre.

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