I've been waiting my entire life to go up in a hot air balloon, or even see a hot air balloon festival in person. Today was my moment.

I moved to the Treasure Valley just a few weeks after last year's Spirit of Boise, so I barely missed it. This year was amazing because I got to go up in a balloon! With a blind date even, courtesy of a snapchat warning, a setup from a sister and some finessing by Keke (you've got to watch my IG story highlights for more on that).

The Balloon Classic is beautiful! It's truly something you have to experience in person to know what I mean. I've seen countless pictures and videos on instagram that highlight how amazing these festivals are, but in person was a different level.

You get to watch the sun rise as you're out on the lawn waiting for your balloon to inflate. The balloon crews are dope and there's so much knowledge and work that goes into getting these things into the air.

Being up in the balloon is such an experience. One that is hard to describe. I never consider myself afraid of heights, but all three times that I've skydived, I panicked as I was about to jump. Like freaking out. But I didn't have that feeling up in the balloon at all! It felt totally safe.

You really have to experience the balloons in first person. Come out any morning through Sunday or meet us at Anne Morrison tomorrow night for Night Glow where the balloons take off at dusk and light up the sky! I cannot wait!


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