Allow me to make this very clear. This is a true story and if you ask my brother he can confirm. Years ago while working at a lumber yard I walked into the restroom and rushed to the urinal. I had to go so bad that I didn't exactly notice that there was someone standing against the wall behind me. When I finished my business I washed my hands and as I turned around to walk out I noticed a coworker standing there drenched in diarrhea from his waste to his toes. He was wearing shorts and there was no way to hide it, it was super awkward and I was so embarrassed for this grown man. All I could do was ask "Are you okay?"  he replied... "Apparently I was full of $h*t but that's not the case anymore" He added, "I have someone bringing me a clean pair of pants"

I felt so bad when I realized that he ended up not making it to the restroom in time and then had to explain himself to everyone who walked in while he waited for a clean pair of shorts.

Today at the radio station the topic of embarrassing moments at work came up and I told the story for only the second time in my life, Yep they convinced me to write about it. If you think you've had a bad day at work think again. Here are a few more embarrassing at work moments courtesy of buzzfeed 

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