I'm not sure where or when it began but my son has been a Star Fan since he was born. Lennox would be sitting in front of the television and when the Star Wars Theme would play he would freeze and then light up the room with a warm smile. I grew up a Star Wars kid and it's fun watching him experience something so awesome.

I asked Lennox what he wanted for his birthday.

This is our amazing little miracle and he's a sweet as he seems. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for him and he deserves everything he gets. This kid has struggled with health and the strongest man I know. I remember when Lennox would say thank you after getting a shot in the hospital. We have a special bond and as you can see, he's also pretty close with that Stormtrooper.

The 501st and Takodana Base in the Rebel Legion heard about this video taking his birthday wish to another level. I'm pretty sure Lennox will remember the time that the force showed up at his house.

I'd like to personally thank everyone from the 501st and Rebel Legion for giving back to these kids. They buy all their own gear and that stuff isn't cheap! These are movie quality and I'm not sure if the kids were more excited or the dads! This is the same crew you might see around the Treasure Valley and they do it for the love of the Star Wars community. Did you see them in the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic? They were the hit of the event. Thanks again from our family to yours! Muah 💋

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