Everyone's been telling me this would happen.. and for some reason, I was still shocked when I woke up to a ton of snow on Sunday morning.

Now, this may not constitute as a ton of snow to some people, and probably most people native to Boise, but for me in my first winter here, this was a lot.



Surrounded. Surrounded by snow! I didn't even buy a snow shovel yet! I hadn't even taken my ice scraper out of storage! Luckily, it was just in a cupboard and I found it quickly, because my car was covered.



I finally got a cover for my scooter via Amazon last week, and just in time! I'm working on getting a shed for my scoot but until then, she's out in the elements and freezing cold. Peep all that snow!



I did make it out of the house to go to church, shop around and get a shovel. I also bought some D batteries (seriously, who ever has those in the house) for the Christmas garland and wreath that my Grandma got me for a house warming gift!

I hung the garland in my bedroom and love how it turned out!



The only Christmas lights that will make it on the outside of my house this year: the wreath! I think my Gmo bought these from some QVC infomercial, but they really are cool.

They've got self-timers for 6,8 and 10 hours plus you can change them from white lights to colorful lights and it's all remote-control operated. So cool. Great buy, GMo!


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