This was the chillest, least busy weekend I've had in a minute. When I say not busy though, I still did a ton but had time to do some of the things I love like hot yoga!

First, let's start with coming home to this gem in my yard. Technically, that's the vacant lot next to mine which just sold and is being prepped to build on. Suez came out to dig up my pipes and reroute them so that they're full on my lot and not on what will be my new neighbors. It was pretty messy, and now there's dirt basically everywhere, but it had to be done apparently. Mix this dirt with all of the rain we've been having, and it's a real muddy situation on that side of my yard. *Sigh*


This wedding took place back in early March, but my friends David and Carmela just got back their full wedding video! I became an ordained minister specifically to marry them (so fun) so it was the first time I've watched myself officiate a wedding. I honestly wanted to skip past the ceremony part of the video, because it's totally awkward watching yourself, but I'm glad I watched because I am actually so proud to have done that!

I'll probably do a separate blog this week with the actual video, but here's a couple screenshots I grabbed from the ceremony.



I haven't had a ton of time to relax at home lately. I feel bad when I'm gone a lot of at home but busy doing things because I know my cats can't wait to snuggle! Friday night after my workouts which included hip hop vinyasa, I just chilled watching 20/20 or 48 Hours or something of the like with my cats. Maybe lame, definitely the highlight of my day.



Saturday was Idaho's Largest Garage Sale! 800 vendors and thousands of people at Expo Idaho buying each other's trashes and treasures. Keke and I were there bright and early, about 6:45a before the gates opened. There were actually a few things I thought I needed, but stopped myself before purchasing. Not so much luck later in the day at Nordstrom Rack, though.



A real kitten birthday party for my cats, Porsche and Nala, who turned 8 on the 15th! I was a couple days late celebrating, but better late than never, right?

I got them a cake from Albertson's, and they LOVED it. Nala mostly loved the frosting and coconut flakes. I only let them eat a little bit, but they enjoyed those 10 minutes of photo-opps for sure.

Happy 8th birthday, girls!


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