Just got home hours ago from an amazing, crazy weekend with 8 girls who I love! We went for the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale but mostly were drinking, laughing, eating great food and having the best time ever.

Most of the girls got in from Seattle on Friday morning. I flew in after work on Friday afternoon so I missed day one of the tourney but made it to the after party. It was a loooong night with bottle service, a lot of dancing and singing and one girl face planting. I'll keep her anonymous.


Sammy's company is a sponsor of the event so we had VIP tents at the 18th hole! Catered food with the best macarons we've ever had, drinks flowing and great company. Plus, it was covered.. which was perfect for Sunday because it was pouring!


We were staying at the most beautiful resort in Scottsdale! We were celebrating Amanda's birthday and had a nice dinner Saturday night at our hotel before going out again (RIP).


I can't disclose everything that happens at girls weekend, but if you follow me on IG you saw a lot of it. Thankfully the stories only last for 24 hours.

Will my voice return before Tuesday's show? We'll find out. I'm on strict vocal rest as of right now! Napping, I mean I'll be napping as soon as I'm home from work.

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