Zoom this, Zoom that... It seems as though our life has become a ongoing Zoom. Ever since the pandemic kicked in and most people started working from home, virtual meetings are our new way of life and as with anything new there is always a learning curve. Even when you know how to operate something, sometimes you're just going too fast and you end up in compromising situations. Yes, this happened to me about 9 months ago, but yesterday this was most definitely topped by the lawyer / cat zoom trail video.

No, I'm not leaving you hanging, here is what happened to me while on a zoom call. It was a cold Boise morning and I was on a zoom call discussing future promotions with various executives and members of the leadership team. My camera and microphone where on and everything was moving in the right direction until I was asked for details on a promotion. Unfortunately I had left the notes in my car so I turned off my camera & microphone, grabbed by phone and went out to the car. Once I had the information I turned the mic on and jumped in with the info. The meeting kept moving forward and on my way back into the building I decided to stop in the restroom and pee. All of a sudden everyone on the zoom call burst out laughing at the top of their lungs. I was very confused until someone said... "Mikey you might want to turn your microphone off when relieving yourself in the restroom".

I will never forget that embarrassing zoom moment but after yesterdays lawyer / cat video was released, I don't feel so bad. If you haven't seen it yet. Check it out below.

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