After reports of "creepy clown" incidents across the country, including Nampa, Meridian and other areas of the Treasure Valley, clown masks are being taken off shelves.

According to NBC News, Target's decision to stop the sale of clown masks both in store and on-line is in direct response to the creepy clown hysteria sweeping the country.  Clown "incidents" have been reported in twenty states, including Idaho.

Target has locations on Milwaukee, N Eagle Rd and N Market Place Blvd in the Treasure Valley.

But if you're still looking for clown masks, I can confirm that the Spirit of Halloween store located in the old Broadway Office Max has creepy clown masks including Twisty from American Horror Story: Freakshow.  When we went costume shopping my exact words when we walked past that mask was "and this is how we get shot."

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