It's one of the beauties of living here in Idaho: experiencing all four seasons.  No matter how long or short, a distinct sense of Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring all make an appearance here in Boise.  We like to think that we're special--so special, that sometimes we get all four seasons in one day!

A reminder to stay safe out there--even if there isn't snow on the ground this winter--has the internet cackling and we're thankful for the good sense of humor (and the reminder)!

Here's a look at the poor officer that Nampa Police is putting on blast! 

Nampa Police Officer's Slippery Tumble

We're glad to hear this officer is both a-ok, and a good sport!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We know that it is all in god humor--and we're glad this officer didn't roll an ankle, or worse, when he took a tumble in a Nampa neighborhood! 

As shared on the Nampa Police Department Facebook page:

Hey, Nampa!
The roads don’t seem to be too bad, but the sidewalks and parking lots have some slick spots this morning. Be careful out there!
Stay upright!
DISCLAIMER: This slip did not happen this morning, but it could.
DISCLAIMER: I have permission from the falling officer to use this video. Don’t comment about how horrible I am - he thinks it’s funny too

We appreciate the sense of humor and the oh-so important reminder that this time of year, the risks of slipping on foot or even when you're behind the wheel, aren't always visible and don't require snow!

Stay safe out there, Treasure Valley!

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