When it comes to Idaho breaking the internet--it's usually for something strange or political (these things, by the way, are not mutually exclusive).  While it wouldn't be fair to say that the recent graduation video has "broken the internet"--it is a moment that we all needed to get through the half-way point of our week.

In a time where there is so much attention placed on police accountability and conduct in our nation as a whole--this act of fun-loving service was something that we would love to see more of. Major shoutout to the Nampa Police Department for sharing.

While recovering from an ankle injury, a graduating senior at Nampa High School "hobbled" across the stage on crutches (we've been there, man). When it came time to leave the stage, the senior needed to go down the stairs--that's a little tough to do with crutches and a newly presented diploma!

This is where Nampa Police Officer and Nampa High School Student Resource Officer Ricky Zodrow came in to save the day.

Officer Zodrow literally let the student hop up onto his back, piggy-back style, and brought him down the stairs.


Want to see the video? Check it out, below: 



This isn't the first time a viral moment has taken place at a school--remember this viral teacher from earlier in this year!? 

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We love it when the internet highlights the FUN aspects of Idaho--and over the weekend, on Idaho teacher and coach really made the internet smile. Check it out below & keep scrolling to see the full video for yourself!

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Sometimes, we just come across those things that are so "Idaho" it would only make sense to an Idahoan. Today is one of those days, and this is one of those things.
A TikTok that has gone viral features an event that is "so Idaho" we don't even know where to start.
The event is referred ton online as the "Cooler Ride" or the "Cooler Slide" and apparently, takes place (unofficially) during the Riggins Rodeo. Many online commenters said that they're familiar with the event and that yes-- it really is "a Riggins thing".

Take a look at this for yourself and enjoy the very Idaho TikTok, as well.

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