I say it all the time: "things like that just don't happen here in the Treasure Valley".

By things, I mean ridiculous crimes.  But then, time passes and it takes one or two people to ruin it for everyone.  A case out of Nampa has the Nampa Police Department asking for your help in identifying two men.

Nampa Police received a report from the victim, a World War II veteran, that he had his wallet stolen.  After further investigation, it became known that the suspects used the victim's credit cards at places of business all over the City of Nampa. There are two suspects that the Nampa Police hope to speak with and ideally you can help.

The first suspect is in a few still photos and in a video, wearing the gray hoodie.

The second suspect is only in ONE photo, has unique facial hair, and Nampa Police are acknowledging that yes...the quality of the photo is pretty bad.

Take a look at the material for yourself and see if you can help out the Nampa Police Department and a local veteran!



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