From time to time I realize that the things that come out of my mouth don't come out exactly the way I meant them too. Today I realized that I must have the same issue when I text. I just noticed that today is National Emoji day so I thought it would be interesting to check out my most frequently used emoji's. The photo you see below is a screenshot of my actual phone. As I looked through these I thought to myself... Looks pretty normal... I laugh a lot, I keep it 100, I congratulate people so the clapping, high five and cheers all make perfect sense. But then something caught my attention... Why do I have a foot as a frequently used emoji? Who am I texting about feet? What does a foot even signify when it comes to emoji's? I know I ran out of gas and had to walk a mile to work last week but there is a walking man emoji, so why the foot? Then it hit me... it must be the emoji that represents WTF... Why The Foot!...  hahaha



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