It's my first major snow in Idaho!  LOL... I live in Nampa and omg!  The roads were stupid this morning and I used a snow blower for the first time.  Did I take selfies with it... umm no!  So needless to say, my coworkers(i'm talking to you Kat), were disappointed in me! Of course they really just wanted to make fun of me, because I'm sure I looked liked a goober, blowing snow.

Lot's of schools are closed today and maybe you've decided to stay lot's of Netflix today right(or Hulu, Prime etc...).  Well here are some great binge options.


The Haunting of Hill House-It's scary, drama and suspenseful!

The Crown-With 2 Seasons now, you too can feel like you're part of the Royal family.  Follow Queen Elizabeth as she takes over the throne!

Sex Education-Teens coming to terms with sexuality(think American Pie but more sophisticated). It's funny and cute plus it has Gillian Anderson(from the X-Files) always loved her!

Abducted In Plain Sight-It's about a family in Pocatello, Id, not too far from us.  It's a true story it's crazy, and it will make sooo mad!  But you should watch it.



The Handmaid's Tale- Are you a Handmaid or a Martha? Based on Margaret Atwood's book, this seemingly idyllic society turns out to be anything but where women are no longer allowed to have jobs, rights, hold property, or have any sort of agency.

Fargo-How much craziness could go on in Fargo... so much!  It's a mystery/crime/drama that you'll get hooked those accents right?

Amazon Prime-

The Man In The High Castle-3's an alternate Earth where Germany and Japan won WWII and control the US.  But mysterious old films keep showing up, depicting an Earth and an America that won the war.  Resistance!  Great acting and twist and turns!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel- a 1950's housewive who want's to be a stand up comic?  What?  But... yes!  It's funny, serious and a lot in between and it's from the creator of The Gilmore Girls!  

Just a few options, in case you haven't checked them out!  But i'm sure you'll find something to watch right.  (although sometimes I can waste like half an hour just trying to figure out what I want to watch).

Happy Snow Day!

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