Boise is BOOMING and we don't need to tell you about the growth happening here at our own airport, either. As more people discover Boise--so to do new businesses. This is why a new airline has announced they're moving in, Boise.

Just recently, we put together a list of upgrades that we would love to see the Boise Airport integrate: 

Five Upgrades that Boise's Airport Needs Immediately

Yes, we love our amazingly clean and quick Boise Airport but that doesn't mean that we don't have some ideas on how to take it to the next level. Can you think of any better upgrades than these?

Maybe having a new airline in the building will help push the case? 

So, who's this new mysterious airline moving into our beloved Boise Airport and what's the deal? Fill disclosure: we hadn't heard of them before either.

They go by the name "Avelo Airlines" and they're a smaller, budget airline that operates between small and mid-sized airports across the United States. Starting this spring, Boise is going to be added to their roster.

When you hear "small airports" and "budget airlines" you may not think it's something to celebrate-- but it appears that Avelo isn't a "janky" operation with "old", small, and outdated planes. Per their website, Avelo shares that just because they're a smaller airline doesn't mean the expectations from you should be small too-- Avelo prides themselves in flying fuel-efficient, next-generation Boeing 737 aircrafts.

With Boise now added to their roster, a direct flight to Southern California is in place--to Hollywood Burbank Airport to be exact.

If you have ever needed to fly into Los Angeles or Southern California via LAX, you know just how stressful it can be. From experience, we can assure you that Burbank is THE MOVE to be able to travel quickly from that particular area and it isn't inconvenient, by any means.

One-way fares are available now online and start at $59.

Flights will take place on Monday's & Fridays which makes for the perfect weekend getaway and will begin on May 27th.

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