It’s not every day that Eagle Idaho gets a new bar. As a matter of fact it’s rare when a new business opens in Eagle. Let’s face it Eagle is considered on the higher end of the spectrum so new businesses have a lot to live up too. Well Ruth Wade is stepping up to the challenge with a new offering that will be called Corner Hustle. Corner Hustle will be located at Eagle Clocktower, 1580 E. State St. where Eagle Triple Tap was once.  Doors are slated to open June 13th.  What can you expect from Corner Hustle? According to an interview with the Idaho statesman the bar will be “Part cheers, part cocktail lounge, part sports bar, with a higher classy kinda feel”. Wade maintains that this will be a “reasonably priced nice clean bar” Having lived in Eagle, this sounds a lot like Eagle and we all know Eagle can use another watering hole.

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