If you were tasked with naming things that Boise folks love--or really, Idahoans--what would come to mind? Freedom? America? Dogs? Craft Beer? All of these things seem accurate. Riding along on two wheels--that special time on a bicycle--seems to stand out as a thing that Idahoans love, too.

Just how much do Idahoans love their bicycles? Well, everywhere you go there seem to be bike trails. Whether you're in the foothills or on he greenbelt: bikes, bikes, bikes. Even driving down the roads you'll need to watch for bikes--and in Boise, there is nothing more controversial than traffic laws when it comes to bicycles.

I digress.

We love bikes in Idaho and perhaps that's why this news comes as no surprise to me--no matter how crazy it sounds.

You can now, with much greater ease, ride your bike from Idaho...to ARIZONA.

Who would want to do this?

The State of Utah and the Utah Department of Transportation have announced that their newly upgraded bike trails make it easier for Utah bike riders to get to Utah and to Arizona. This, indirectly, just means that Idahoans now have a way to effectively ride through the State of Nevada and into Arizona.

According to Google Maps, the journey would be over 900 miles long and you can anticipate it taking over 70 hours-- if you weren't to take a break. It's safe to say that we're all good on that...but the option is there, if you have ever wondered.

Where's the furthest that you have ridden your bike here in Idaho? You can't be THIS crazy...can you?

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