We've seen it happen over and over... grand opening then shortly thereafter grand closing. Restaurants are not all created equal but from time to time a brand new restaurant opens in the city and all of a sudden everyone is talking bout it. The buzz is undeniable, the social media post are all over your feed and trying to get in is next to impossible. While this has been the case with KIN at 999 Main St. in Boise this past week the trendsetting owners have come under harsh criticism due to their new proof of vaccination requirement.

“We care about this community and city,” KIN Owner McManus says in a idahostatesman interview. “We are deeply invested and integrated into it. Kin supports a different charity every month by donating a portion of proceeds. We helped to create City of Good and FARE Idaho."

I'm always disappointed when someone sets out to do something positive and ends up on the wrong end of extreme criticism, in this case McManus was called a lot of names including a Nazi.

"We are here to be a part of the city and hope to provide a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for guests to enjoy.” continued McManus in his stateman interview.

In the spirit of "Boise kind" this is one of those times when we should live and let live. Besides if you love the food and atmosphere of Kin you can still enjoy their PiKINic events. I should also mention that if you've received negative COVID tests within 48 hours you will also be allowed to dine in.

How do you feel about restaurants requiring proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 results?

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