Idaho Governor Butch Otter just signed a law that would make it impossible for a person with alcohol on their breath to start a motor vehicle.

Don't worry tailgaters because this law ONLY applies to first time DUI offenders. That one beer you had or sip isn't gonna cost you. Let me explain.

Idaho just became the 31st state to pass the All-Offender Ignition Interlock Law. How does this affect you? It doesn't unless you are currently a drunk driving offender. Here's how the law explains it,

The in-car devices prevent a vehicle from starting if alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath.

The strongest statistic to support this law is 67%. All-offender interlock laws reduce drunk driving recidivism by 67 percent and that's the message that M.A.D.D. is pushing.

MADD is thrilled to add Idaho to the growing list of all-offender ignition interlock states,” Sheehey-Church said. “We are hard at work in several other states to pass similar laws, and we won’t stop until we get to all 50 states. That includes Massachusetts, which will soon become the only state in the nation with no path for an interlock after the first offense. This must change, so that everyone traveling our nation’s roadways are provided the same protection from these senseless, violent and preventable crimes.”

This law won't take effect until January 2019 and that gives you PLENTY of time to be responsible right? There are so many ways that you can be safe on the roads in 2018 with Uber, Lyft, and every other service. I was just in the Jacksons in Boise before heading to Treefort and noticed portable breathalyzers. It's almost impossible to jump behind the wheel and not know whether you can drive legally or not.

Take advantage of all those things before taking a chance on your life. More importantly, someone else's life. I don't think anyone jumps in a car with the intention of harming a soul. You can get more information at

I did saw an old video and the worst part of this device is that you have to blow in it every day. That means if you have friends, parents or guests in your ride - you have to pass the breathalyzer test. Think about that.

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