Getting together to watch basketball can turn into a full-on event for some people. During the Final Four, you can go to a place you've been before or try out a new sports bar on State in Boise.

Monday, March 27, Native Grill & Wings (did someone say wings?) is scheduled to open. You know that area that was built not long ago across from WalMart (near Glennwood)?

Native Grill & Wings will join the already open Chipotle, Jersey Mike's Subs and Smashburger. Every time I drive by those places, I make a note to stop. It's like a little outdoor area nestled in the middle of everything. I like the feel of it.

Back to the "did someone say wings" part of the conversation. You'll be able to choose from 21 wing flavors. One with each flavor? Okay, great. I know my order.

Looking for gluten-friendly? They've got that, too.

If you're team is still playing for the finals by that time, grab your team gear and meet your friends for a party. If you are like me and don't really have a team in it at all, maybe just spend the night testing beer. Same difference.

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