Welcome to Idaho peoples! The number of transplants moving into the Treasure Valley is at all-time highs. They say 1000 new people are moving in each month locally and let's make sure they know all that we have to offer.

What is a Trunk or Treat? Just a trendy Halloween gimmick? Let me say first that it's no one hit wonder. Trunk or Treat is gaining steam and some think it will destroy going from house to house in the future (let's not move so fast on that one.)

Trunk or Treat - from car TRUNK + trick OR TREAT. A style of Halloween trick or treating where children solicit candy and other goodies not from households but from car trunks in an entertainment-style similar to tailgating. Trunk or treating has its origins in late 1990s Utah but has since spread to some other locales, generally small towns or suburbs in the Midwest and South. To host a trunk-or-treat event, a sponsoring entity (usually a local church) will offer its parking lot on Halloween afternoon and evening. Participants agree to bring their cars and stock the trunks with candy. A growing custom, there are now websites devoted to explaining the ritual and offering tips for decorating car trunks in Halloween themes.

This may have started with the church but it's definitely become a pop culture Halloween tradition. There are several reasons I can think of that having random people walk up to my house isn't cool. That might have been a thing but people can just be creepy these days. Not everyone wants you looking in the windows and doors wondering about all the cool things you might have. Insert trunk or treating.

There will be a laundry list of places hosting these parking lot Halloween parties. The latest edition comes from Nampa in the heart of Downtown. This is especially a safe event with the Nampa Police Department doing a Cop on Top of a Coffee Shop event. You'll be able to help out the special Olympics with some fundraising. Go see officer Deny Burns 🚔

Just click on the LINK for more details, directions, and social media sources.

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