Summer is just days away and it’s definitely easy to tell in the Treasure Valley as it is heating up. Everyone has been enjoying some outside time but it has been getting extremely hot. With temperatures hitting the 90s recently it’s time to start finding ways to cool down and there’s no better way to do it than with a cool and refreshing sweet treat.

Dips hand dipped ice cream bars is definitely the ice cream place to go to this summer as they take sweet treats to a whole new level. Located in Nampa on the corner of Southside and Greenhurst it has officially opened for the 2024 summer season. There is a little something for everyone no matter what flavors you’re interested in. 

Dips Ice Cream Bars

Open for summer 2024!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

They have everything from fruity flavors like cherry and huckleberry to chocolatey ones like turtle and s’mores. They even just announced a new mint flavor that’s certainly going to become a hit in no time. 

This is definitely the perfect place to go cool down with friends and family this summer and enjoy a variety of different types of ice cream bars. Whether you’re in need of a date night or a solo trip to try something new we definitely recommend giving this a try!

They now even have their summer hours open and everyone can go enjoy Dips from 12 pm to 9 pm Monday through Saturday. Sadly, Dips is not open on Sundays but can be enjoyed by all Idahoans every other day of the week!

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