If you know anything about living in the State of Idaho, you know that the "general public" is really quite ignorant on the issue.

Do any of these myths sound familiar, Idahoans? 

5 Myths About Idaho That Most Americans Believe Are True

We set the record straight on some unflattering misconceptions about the Gem State.

Odds are, you have heard at least one of these if not all of them in the past...oh Idaho, how we love thee. 

So what's the scoop with an NFL star chiming in on Idaho? Well, apparently he is now a believer that we do exist after-all!

By the way, Afroman even wrote a song about all of the cities in Idaho that he has allegedly visited: 

The 20 Cities Afroman Claims to Have Visited in Idaho

As the rapper once sang himself, "potatoes aren't the only things that they grow" in reference to our beloved State of Idaho. Now that he has scheduled a date to preform here in Star, Idaho-- we though we would break down his song dedicated to Idahoans, creatively titled "Idaho"--and the 20 cities that allegedly, he visited along the way.

Let's not forget that while Kenyan Drake may have just discovered Idaho license plates, one of the most popular names in the NFL--especially when it comes to offense--is Kellen Moore who has plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to the State of Idaho

Kellen Moore: Dominance Over The Years

Kellen Moore's 50 career victories as the starting quarterback at Boise State University remain the most by any QB in NCAA football history. Moore, who was touted as one of the most brilliant minds in college football has now taken those brains to the NFL where Dallas fans can't get enough of him.

This NFL Superstar With Idaho Ties May Be Jealous of Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore has a lot of hype around him-- but what's going on with his coaching future? It seems that his name pops up in every head coaching vacancy but he has yet to be hired away from Dallas-- where that fan base can't seem to decide if they want to love him or hate him.
While Kellen gets all of the love--what about this multi-time Pro Bowler with Idaho ties-- just like Moore?

Boise's Most Promiscuous Places

We asked the good folks of the Treasure Valley where, if anywhere, they would do "promiscuous things" in town. Perhaps it's where they would go with their high school boyfriends back in the day or where they take their fresh products imported from Ontario, Oregon.
Here's what you all had to say:

Idaho Law: Don't Forget to Wear Underwear in Public or Else...

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