Have you noticed that Google did not do their annual April Fools prank this year? Have you even heard anyone mention April Fools today? Given the state of our world how could anyone think of pulling off an April Fools joke today?. The very obvious answer is... Almost Nobody. But in the spirit of "Better times ahead" here are a few fun pranks you can pull on friends or loved ones next year.

1. Surround their car with shopping carts - 

While at the grocery store tell the victim that you have to go the restroom and go outside to surround their car with interlocked shopping carts.

2. Honk if you're horny - 

Pick your favorite co-worker and ductape a compressed airhorn can to the bottom of their seat so that when they sit down the horn activates. They're guaranteed to jump higher then ever before.

3. A snake in the grass -


Ask mom to make you a salad... after you carefully place a small rubber snake in the lettuce. ( Don't do this if mom has a heart condition)

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