It’s hard to find a job that pays well, you enjoy, and doesn’t require going into thousands of dollars of debt. But don’t worry, we found a local agriculture job that pays CRAZY good, and no experience or degree is required.

But, before we get into that, let’s highlight some other jobs available in or near Boise.

Here are some remote jobs that are Idaho-based, but you can work from the comfort of your home!

Remote Jobs in Boise Hiring Now

And here are some crazy high paying jobs here in Idaho: 

These Idaho Jobs Are Hiring And Pay Over $100k A Year

Check out positions open in Idaho right now that are paying over $100,000 a year.

And here’s the top paying ones in Boise:

The 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Boise

According to the latest figures published on the Idaho Department of Labor's website, these are the highest paying jobs in "Boise City." That region includes Ada, Canyon, Boise and Gem counties.


But, let’s get back to what you’re really here for, a job that doesn’t require experience OR a degree, and pays wickedly good.

You Won’t Believe What This Idaho Job Pays: NO DEGREE NEEDED

CS Beef Packers - High-Paying Idaho Job that doesn't require a degree or experience!


All-in-all, CS Beef Packers is an incredible opportunity and place to work for individuals who really want to make a career with a stable, high-paying, and rewarding job.

You can apply here for any of their open positions available. They’re hiring NOW and have over 100 open positions available. 

Not your cup of tea? That’s okay. Here are some more remote jobs that are hiring right now! Maybe one of these can be a better fit.

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