Do you know someone who could use some good luck? How could a Nintendo Switch put a smile on someone's face? One of our amazing listeners is giving away a brand new one to someone in need. Nominate here.

Nintendo Switch Preview Event
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Congratulations you just won a brand new, sold out, Nintendo Switch Game System! That's kind of what I said to one of our grand prize listeners. You would think that her family would be here to pick it up in 5 minutes considering this is the SWITCH. You couldn't even get this system for months because of the back order on it. This is the part that doesn't surprise me living in the Treasure Valley.

"Can I donate it?" There was a long pause on the phones and I was like, "Whaaaaaaat?" This was another case of good people being great. Michelle explained that things are starting to pick up financially and that is was a blessing to be a part of helping someone else out. I'm so humbled by the presence of just amazing hearts.

I'm so humbled by the presence of amazing hearts. We are constantly listening to the negative news and we so divided as a country. I gravitate towards the positive stories of good people. We already know it's bad in our world and who knows what tomorrow will bring. I love focusing on the good and Michelle wrote me a quick email to explain why this Nintendo Switch should be given to someone else.

"I am not sure where to start. I listen all the time to your 103.5 Kiss FM. That is my happy at work, on the way to work, and after work at home. I have won many contests with you guy’s and Joke that if it wasn’t  for winning we would never get to do anything. Both of us got laid off from a job just a few months apart from each other.  We had gotten a bit behind on bill’s but we are getting back on track… We know what it’s like to want to get something for someone and not have the money to do so… So we thought neither one of us need this and decided to pay it forward to someone in need. Perhaps someone with special needs or a family just struggling like we have, or a military family that goes without a parent, maybe this could be that Happy to help someone that could just use a bit of Happy… That’s my reasoning

Thank you,

Michelle & Charles J

If more of us could keep life in perspective like this, the world would be a much happier place. I tend to think we're ruining each other by destroying our neighbors in a Facebook post or Instagram message. Social media is a place where bullies can post with no consequence and that may never change. However, the greater good in people could change the world one person at a time. That's all we can do.

Help Michelle and her husband give this New Nintendo Switch to a family that could use it. Please submit a family, neighbor, co-worker, or someone that could use this amazing gift. Give a kiss of kindness to someone who deserves it!


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