This week, numerous candidates running to be the next Mayor of Boise met to debate some current issues. As you'd expect, the run-of-the-mill topics were brought up. Law enforcement. Housing costs. Things like that. The kind of thing you'd flip right past if you stumbled upon it on TV.

What's irking this writer is what the candidates failed to bring up. With such a glaring issue, should we be panicked that the future leader of our fair city isn't asking the questions that Boisians truly want the answers to?

I'm of course talking about the existence aliens.

You can't go 24 hours without reading a news story about some new government alien coverup, or a retired lawmaker who's ready to spill the tea about alien lifeforms on Earth. Do you think it's a mere coincidence that these questions are being asked more and more in the year 2024? I think not.

As an elected official, it's your job to serve the people, right? Well, the people want to know what the hell is up with aliens. If you work for the government, we know you know the truth.

Are aliens real? Have we made contact with them? Have they visited Boise? Are they all staying in some secret underground lair in or around Kuna?

Look, if the rappers are talking about the existence of aliens, then is it too much to expect Boise's leader to start giving us some information?

P.S. If you are an alien reading this, please do not abduct this writer.

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