Here in the Treasure Valley, most things that closed due to COVID-19 are opening up. Even over the weekend, you could start going to bars and clubs if you wanted to. We're one of the few states in the US that have opened up on such a large level. But across the country, and the world, things are very different than they are here.

This is going to be interesting. As of June 1, new coronavirus guidelines in the UK are now making it illegal to have sex with someone who doesn't already live with you.

In a new amendment to a bill, it states that "No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons."

And it's both people that would get in trouble: "until today, the person who goes inside another person’s home would have been the one breaching the rules. However, now both people could be prosecuted."

I would bet that a lot of couples that weren't living together before, will now be moving in with each other prematurely thanks to this new law in the UK.

Do you think a law like this could ever be enforced here in the Treasure Valley? I have a hard time seeing that work here.

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