How great did you feel Sunday morning when you woke up? I felt amazing as I was cooking breakfast, making coffee in my french press, meal prepping breakfast and lunch for the week and watching my Seattle pastor Judah via live stream all before headed to my Boise church (my Seattle pastor's cousin!) aka Capital Church which is actually in Meridian, AND had all of that done before even realizing I was a whole hour ahead of schedule because I forgot it was daylight savings time and hadn't set my clock back on my oven which was the only time I was going by that morning. Anyway.

For most people, the end of Daylight Saving Time means an opportunity to feel more rested, if only for a day. But Lifehacker advises that if you've ever wanted to work out early in the morning, now is the ideal time to do it.

"Waking up, the hardest task of the day, has gotten a bit easier," Lifehacker writes. "[So] before your body gets too used to the shift, try setting your alarm an hour earlier. There’s something luxurious about being able to take your time at the gym when normally you have to squeeze your last few exercises together and rush to work...This gift only comes once a year. Use it wisely."

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