Last summer, Kekeluv and I made a trip out to Esther Simplot Park because we had heard it was the spot to be on warm summer days. With paddle board rentals and inflatables available-- it seems everyone from families to pet owners to college students on summer break found this park to be a great place to hang out.

In fact, we even gave away some Boise Music Festival tickets out there as well.

Just a matter of days later-- Esther Simplot park was closed for what one would hope to never be victim to: E. coli.

For days, I recall officials looking into the cause behind it and Esther Simplot Park quickly turned to a ghost town as investigations continued. The cause behind the bacteria? Well it turned out to be feces from both dogs and geese. After learning that, officials are already working to make sure this E. coli outbreak doesn't happen again.

Currently, a contracted dog service is on the premise just to make the geese in the area uncomfortable. However, no other dogs are (or will be) allowed at the park. Now, Ada County is searching for an alternative place for dog owners to go.

More on the park, HERE.

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