Esther Simplot Park just can't catch a break.  Just last summer, Kekeluv and I wandered over to the park to check out the buzz, and it was PACKED. It was hot, the ponds were full of people, it just felt like one of those REALLY Boise places to be. Not 24-hours later, the park was shut down for having E Coli in the water--ruining, for many, their go-to summer spot.

Since that incident, the City of Boise has worked to keep geese away from the park (which ended up being the cause of so many problems...yes, goose poop). Just recently, however, a blue-green algae bloom was discovered-- once again shutting down the pond.  No swimming, floating, paddle boarding, or rafting is currently allowed.

As of right now, Boise Parks and Rec is pumping water out of the pond and they even plan on buying machines that will circulate the pond water to prevent these types of issues in the future.

For the complete story on what's going on over at Esther Simplot Park--click HERE.

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