Esther Simplot Park is hosting an amazing night with great music by the water and a heart warming cause at the same time. It all goes down tonight at Ester Simplot Park.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Let's get some great drinks, child by the water, and help one of the most amazing causes in the Treasure Valley, The Women's and Children's Alliance. Esther Simplot Park hosts the Music on the Water event, Saturday, July 22, starting at 2 p.m. They will have plenty of beer, bands and a ton of fun. Have you been? I took some photos and wanted to show you how great this spot is.

Photo by: Kekeluv

There are so many things to do at Esther Simplot Park. Just make sure you know where you can and can't float this weekend. There are some off limits spots right now.

Music on the Water: Beach Waves & Sound Waves has everything from swimming, food, fun events and some great beer! The live band will set the day starting at 2 p.m. with the following bands: Darian Renee, Big Wow Band, and Lakoda. If you can't make it today, August 19 will host: Dr. Fresh, The Delta, Marshall Poole, and Voice of Reason.

This will be the 2nd event of this three-night series. You can get more information HERE. It's crazy that I hadn't spent much time here and after visiting I've been missing out. Check out some of the random photos I took of everyone from dogs on boards to groups in tubes!