After reports that the opening of the park would be delayed until 2017, Boise residents have a reason to celebrate this November!

Part of the property that Esther Simplot Park is built on used to belong to Consolidated Concrete Company.  During the park's construction crews came across large amounts of concrete, tires and other industrial debris that had been buried for years.  Cleaning it up slowed the construction process and pushed back when vegetation like grass and trees could be planted.  According to the Idaho Statesman, Boise Parks and Recreation was concerned that the vegetation wouldn't be strong enough to handle the anticipated foot traffic coming through the park.  Back in June, it looked like they may have to push the grand opening of the park back until February of 2017.

Now all of that has changed! The vegetation has responded well and is healthy enough for a November opening for the new park! The newest addition to the string of riverside parks known as the "Ribbon of Jewels" will officially open on November 2nd at 1 p.m.

The new park features trails, two ponds that connect to Quinn's pond via a man made stream, boardwalks, wetlands, a beach, friendship island/pier, playground and more! Check out the park's full layout HERE. 

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