June is Pride month in Boise, across Idaho, and across the U.S., and we're ready to celebrate.

But did you know there's also a National Potato Month?

Because there is. It's a real thing, and you are 100% absolutely not prepared for it.

SCROLL TO READ: Oh My God. There's Actually A "National Potato Month."


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Yes, "National Potato Month" is very much a real thing, and in case you didn't know, it's celebrated across the country each and every September.

Oh, and the best part? Nobody knows where it started.

If you look up "National Potato Month" anywhere, you'll get results telling you it's celebrated each and every September. But, why? That, my friend, is an answer that has escaped this writer thus far.

Did a farmer many moons ago decide "Hey, these are tasty. How about we give thanks to these tubers every September"? We have so many questions.

However, the good news is, if you do happen to live in Idaho, every day is Potato Day! Why? Because you can never escape the terrible potato puns when you tell someone you're from Idaho. Most folks outside the state simply know the phrase "Idaho potatoes" and they run with it.

So just be prepared this September. Once everyone else finds out there's a National Potato Month...and you live in Idaho...oh boy.

I just really hope you have thick skin. Gonna be a rough month.


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