Snow and freezing rain proved to be too much for the small Oregon city of Ontario.

According to KTVB, they're the next city to declare a state of emergency during the aftermath of the last two winter storms.  Ontario is home to about 11,000 people and it's been extremely difficult for them to handle storm clean up when they haven't seen this type of weather in nearly 30 years.

The Ontario Walmart was one of the Walmarts that closed temporarily to make sure there was no threat of it's roof collapsing while shoppers were inside.  While that location has reopened, other structures in the area weren't so lucky and experienced collapses.  The city is also struggling to keep up with keeping the storm drains clean as the snow melts.

Like Boise and Nampa, this declaration allows Ontario quicker access to funds for resources and clean up efforts.

Ontario was one of the handful of districts to close schools again on Wednesday, January 11th.

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