I love walking through models homes so when I have time to kill and I happen to come across a new subdivision in Boise I will stop and see what they've done with the place. It's always fun to discover cool ideas and then replicate them in my home. Not too long ago I walked into a very contemporary model home and while the kitchen was very cool, it was the pantry that really got my attention. The designer made one of the shelves in the pantry deeper than the rest and added a countertop material that made it look different from the other shelves. Turns out this particular shelf was designed to be an alcohol and coffee bar. I loved the idea.

I'm not a big coffee drinker so I didn't want to spend $150-$200 on a Keurig or Nespresso machine that I wasn't going to use very often. I found one on FB marketplace for one third of the price of a new unit and this is where my adventure started. Here are my three scenarios that ended in me purchasing a new one at Target.

Dear FB Marketplace seller -

1. I made an offer and you immediately accepted. Why did you wait until I was half way to your house to tell me that someone offered full price and that you would no longer be selling it to me.

2. Why would I pay you in advance without looking at a used Keurig? No I'm not going to send you the money for an item that you will leave on the front porch for me. It will be real cute when I show up to a random house after you give me a fake address.

3. How come the picture you posted looks nothing like the actual Nespresso machine that you showed me when I met you in the Albertson's parking lot?

Is this a thing? Does happen often? Or are coffee drinkers knows as a deceptive bunch on FB Marketplace?

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