This writer fully believes that people should be able to live the kind of life they'd like. As long as you're not harming anyone else, do what you please, have fun with it, and everyone should just leave you alone.

They should leave you alone. However, this newfound tactic from some Boisians isn't sitting right. Like, at all.

Here's the issue. Everyone has their favorite food combo. Some folks like potato chips on a sandwich, while others like pineapple on pizza (gross). No big deal. Weird food combos happen all the time. But this weird food combo is really going to curdle your strudel.

Apparently, the hot new trend in Boise is...absolutely burying your hot dog in...ketchup.

Just ketchup.

But we're talking a mountain of ketchup. Being so liberal with the ketchup here. People are literally covering the entire meat tube with ketchup so you can't even see it. Disgusting.

Shane Shaw/ThinkStock
Shane Shaw/ThinkStock

Ketchup isn't good for a plethora of reasons, staring with it's like 99% sugar. We don't need that in 2023. What we need is some good old fashioned BBQ sauce, maybe some Sriracha on that bad boy, or even some Horsey Sauce from Arbys'

But can we please please lay off the ketchup? You're ruining your dog, man.

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