They were the best of times...they were the worst of times...and ALL of them were at China Blue.

By the worst of times, I mean the most intoxicated of times...but you know, same difference.

This coming Saturday is OFFICIALLY Halloween (as far as night life is concerned) and there's no place we would rather be than on the corner of 6th and Main with our best friends at China Blue. This is where we throw ALL of the BIGGEST parties downtown, be it New Years Eve of the BMF After Party...Halloween is no different.

Make sure you come through this weekend and say whats up to Kekeluv, Lucky The DJ and myself-- we'll be hosting the fun and I'll be sure to do my best (as I always do) to drink all of the tequila in the bar.

If you want to get in for FREE, because there will be a cover, I'll have your invites to get on my personal list all week long from 7pm until midnight.


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