In the current political climate, it seems people hold more convictions than ever. Everyone is right, everyone is wrong. The right is selfish, the left is fragile. The news is fake, the White House is dishonest. Since the 2016 election, it seems everyone has an opinion-- and it's a strong one. Many who didn't have them before, have since developed some. But how often are people willing to hear both sides? I've learned THAT'S a rare trait. Then again-- with so many going to news sources that lean one way or another-- sometimes finding both sides to a story can be difficult.

Pengilly's, one of my favorite spots to grab a drink in downtown Boise has announced on Monday, January 22nd, they'll be home to a bi-partisan panel of female policy makers.  They'll be there to answer questions on themselves, their careers, and of course, the policy they vote on for the districts which they represent.

It's a really cool opportunity to allow dialogue right here in Boise.

Check out more on the event and the concept, HERE.

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