Don't refer to me as single, call me self-partnered!

Emma Watson isn't seeing anyone, but don't call her single! In a new interview with British Vogue, the actress says she's very happy not being in a romantic relationship, which she calls "being self-partnered."

As CNN notes, "The new phrase is reminiscent of Gwyneth Paltrow's use of the term 'conscious uncoupling' to describe her divorce proceedings from the Coldplay singer Chris Martin in 2014."

I can tell this will be a thing to be made fun of for years to come, but think about it: people have such a negative stigma attached to 'single'. I'm constantly asked "dating anybody yet?" .. "how are you single?!" .. "still looking for your better half?".. The answer is no. I'm not searching for my 'better half' because I am not a half. I am whole all by myself.

Semantics, right? But when you're 31 and have been single for the better part of four years, plus have your co-host constantly obsessing over your bad dates, people ask NONSTOP. It gets frustrating!

Being single is dope. Would it be great to have someone texting me 'good morning beautiful' each morning? Sure, but I get that at least 3 days of the week already. Not from anyone I want it from, but still.

Self-partnered, I like it.

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