When you talk to most parents, one thing they will often tell you is that kids grow up way too fast. It's something you hear but don't understand until you have one of your own. My daughter Phoenyx is already 2 1/2 and the time has flown by. Every time I get used to a phase she's in she grows into another. So many milestones, from crawling to walking, to talking my daughter is growing up so fast. Today we hit another milestone, her first day of school.


This is a big deal for Lacey and me. Except for a few months as a baby, Phoenyx has stayed home during the day. My wife Lacey has done a spectacular job fulfilling her motherly duties and working full time from home. Because Lacey is so good at her job, she has been promoted on the corporate level many times. Even though her corporate responsibilities have grown, her time in taking care of Phoenyx has not lacked or suffered. We decided as a family that it was time to put Phoenyx in a more educationally structured environment with other children her age. And so the search began.


The most important thing to us in looking for daycare was the safety and well being of Phoenyx. We took our time, did our research and visited all the different places in Treasure Valley. In the end, we decided on Kid’s Choice. They have a safe and secure facility, with fingerprint check-in, staff members up front, and cameras in every room. I can check on my child at any time. They have developmentally appropriate practices to ensure my child is learning and growing, and their facility is clean, the cleanest. But most importantly I could sense that the staff loves and cares about the children in their care, and that gave us piece of mind.


Finally, the big moment came. We had explained to Phoenyx days prior that she would be going to school on Monday. When we arrived, the staff welcomed and made us feel comfortable. Phoenyx jumped right in making friends right away. Another milestone checked.

If you are looking for childcare in the Treasure Valley, you can browse all of our county's options HERE. 


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