It was a busy weekend! Saturday morning, we had the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure.

I've done Race for the Cure a few times in Seattle, but this was my first one in the Treasure Valley. Boise really showed up and showed out! I love the way this community rallies together to support each other and so many different causes. I've never seen a Survivor's Parade like the one I saw here on Saturday morning!

Keke and I did a few stage announcements before heading into the crowd and just kicking it with people running and walking. The outfits were AMAZING! We had a whole team of men and women who signed up under our team with "boo-bees" fits on. Tutus, bedazzled bras and bee headbands. It was the cutest.

The majority of the proceeds raised from the race go toward funding mammograms for people right here in the Treasure Valley. I didn't know prior to this event, but Idaho is one of the states that does the least amount of mammograms due to lack of access and insurance. To be able to help fund this life saving, simple procedure is literally crucial to early diagnosis. Early diagnosis can and has saved lives. They even had a mobile mammogram pop up going on at the race!

Thanks to everyone who signed up, rallied and raced. You're doing something great for the community!


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