You're cruising along the Interstate and you notice that a car has some plates you've never seen before. It's fun, especially on road trips, to identify and see plates from other states!

Plot twist: that unrecognizable plate is from Idaho.

Authorities are saying that they are seeing more and more plate modifications and they're reminding Idaho drivers that the act of modifying them simply won't fly.

In a recent Facebook post from the Meridian Police Department, officials shared the following observation and reminder: 

We have begun to notice license plates being altered, including wrapped or with a semitransparent grey plastic cover. Please keep in mind that according to Idaho Law, license plates must be in a place and position to be clearly visible, and be maintained free from foreign materials and in a condition to be clearly legible, and all registration stickers shall be securely attached to the license plates.

People love to modify their cars and no matter how unique, fun, or crazy the vehicle: one thing that just can't fly is a modification to your plates-- every vehicle has got to have those no matter or boring or fun it may be!

If people want to customize their license plates, the State of Idaho has plenty of great ways for them to do so--legally. Whether it's a custom "branded" plate option or even some custom text, like pictured above!

Here's a look at the branded plate options that Idahoans can choose from! 

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Something about license plates can bring back nostalgia for some--especially if you're a car lover. What did Idaho's license plates look like when you were born? Let's take a look back. 

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