When it comes to my cat--nothing is more important than her health and safety. I never would have thought that I could love a tiny little creature as much as I love my Piccolo, so being well aware of what's around the house in important to me.

A popular trend, "essential oils", could be exactly what is bothering your cats health at home. What are they, and are they really that essential? Well, they're essentially organic extracts from plants with supposed healing or health properties.

Some veterinary experts believe these oils could be harmful to a cat. Others argue they aren't. But, given our cats can't talk to us--you never know how YOUR specific cat will react to these oils being diffused into the air.

Since they're most commonly defused into the air, it's important to remember that these are easily accumulated onto your cats fur, which they are essentially ingesting when cleaning themselves.

More on the issue of these oils and your cat, HERE.


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