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Are we getting too comfortable with online delivery? Are you one of those people who let Amazon just come inside to drop off your orders? Are we a little too comfy?

Idahoans need to stop being so nice. That doesn't mean you can't be respectful but leaving your car on while you run into the store? Are you one of those people who leave your car doors unlocked while parked in the driveway?

These are the things thieves take advantage of and it's only going to get worse as we are in the thick of holiday shopping mode.  I was reading a blog from Idaho News Channel 2 and Boise Police are seeing the return of porch pirates in the Treasure Valley. What is a Porch Pirate?

Porch Pirate - Person or persons who steal packages off of unsuspecting customers porches or front door areas.

Unfortunately, people steal. It's the one thing I can't stand the most. There is nothing worse than something stealing your property and selling the things you worked hard to purchase. The Porch Pirate has no idea what they are stealing but takes a chance it's an expensive gift. Did you order a $1000 necklace on Amazon for delivery to your home? Do you just let it sit there on your porch till you get home?

I know you don't want to believe that bad things can happen to you but why take a chance. We have some tips from the Boise Police Department and I've added my own to help you. Some of these might be common sense but maybe you learn something. Good luck!

  • You just bought at 75-inch television and now own your dream television! The only problem is you just advertised to everyone that drives by your home with an empty tv box in your front yard. Why don't you just put a key under the mat? Break that box down. Trust me.
  • You just did some Christmas shopping but can't carry all the bags in. So, you decide to come back to your driveway and get them later. Oh, you didn't lock it? No worries, you just decide to get it tomorrow. What's the worse thing that could happen? Look. Lock your vehicle yo! People walking by your car are more likely to open the door and steal what's inside if it's unlocked. That is a statistical fact. Lock your doors and take everything valuable out of sight. Hide your purse if you must. Don't give a thief an excuse to steal.
  • Track your packages and shipments so you know exactly when they arrive.
  • Post a security camera in front. I have them surrounding my house. I want to know is someone is too close and we don't even have valuable things in our home. You need to make sure everyone is safe. You can always get a simple, no monthly fee camera around $100.
  • Have your deliveries require a signature.
  • Get your gifts delivered to the office.
  • Request delivery for pick-up at the post office. I know it might be inconvenient but if it's valuable enough do you really wanna take a chance?

Check out how police are busting porch pirates through sting operations. You really wanna take that Ipad?

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